Named the most popular “car” names that give children

Named the most popular “car” names that give children

April 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Americans and British began to name children after cars. Kids can be called Cadillac, Kia, Chevrolet, etc.

The British portal Choose My Car drew attention to this curious trend. Specialists turned to the registration databases of the United States and Great Britain with the names of children born after 2000. Here they found thousands of names associated with a wide variety of car manufacturers. So, for example, according to experts, over the past 20 years in America 42 388 boys were born, whose parents named Bentley. Other car brands were used as names for babies much less often. The names Nissan and Jaguar are only 29 people.

Eleven boys received the name Alpha in honor of Alfa Romeo, seven – Mercedes (although at first it was considered female), six – Cadillac. Five boys each received the names of Chevrolet and Subaru.

 Most often, as the unusual female names, Americans chose Lexus (2,910 people), Bentley (2,209) and Tesla (1,395) for their daughters. Less commonly, the babies were called Audi (133), Aston (55) and Ferrari (23). The most unusual children’s names here are Maclaren (13), Ford (11) and Mini (5).

 British boys were often called Morgan (15,181 reported cases). Local parents also liked the names Aston (2,840) and Bentley (1,330). Less commonly, boys were called Kia (107), Lexus (47), Dodge and Maclaren (3 each). The girls received similar names – Morgan (9 332), Kia (1470), Lexus (181), Porsche (113), Mini (6) and Triumph (3).