Named the most beautiful cars of the last century

Named the most beautiful cars of the last century

October 15, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

Fashion is considered a rather subjective concept, especially in the automotive world. What kind of cars were especially popular with motorists of the 50s of the last century? Powerful, stylish and, of course, beautiful.

Argued that the cars of the 50s – early 60s can be considered a real work of art, especially when it comes to the American post-war industry. Modern cars are mostly too utilitarian and “standard”, there is no flight of fancy in them. To show a different look at the auto industry, the experts compiled a “nostalgic” rating of the most beautiful cars of the last century, produced from 1954 to 1974. And there was something to see.

In the early 50s, many automakers adhered to the rule that their model line should be updated every three years. Usually this time was enough to bring a new model into the world, and no one has canceled the restyling. Hence, high consumer demand and, as a result, competition and the desire of brands to “stand out” in the general stream.

“Gold” ranking experts gave the Mercedes-Benz 300SL 1954. This is the first post-war sports car, presented at the exhibition of cars in New York. The car differed in extravagant appearance, faultless forms and original architecture. Its most memorable feature is futuristic doors in the shape of wings. This design “move” is a forced measure. Because of the pipes in the car frame, engineers had to increase the dimensions of the thresholds, which made it impossible to install traditional doors.

The 300SL could boast not only a memorable appearance, but also impressive technical characteristics for its belts. For example, such a sports car “tested” the world’s first fuel injection system. Maximum power reached 215 horsepower, and speed – 265 km / h.

In second place is the 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California California. Under the hood of an Italian sports car, a 281-hp engine was hiding, and its maximum speed was 240 km / h. Up to a hundred of such cars accelerated in eight seconds. The exterior of the model was distinguished by smooth lines and expressive forms, as well as interesting details that emphasize its belonging to the family of sports cars. For example, neat “gills”.

The Chevrolet Corvette becomes the “Bronze Prize winner” of the list of the most attractive retro cars. This is the first sports car created by this American automaker. The serial production of the rear-wheel-drive double model was established in 1953, the novelty quickly won the sympathy of motorists. Bright exterior, revolutionary aerodynamic characteristics, advanced technologies, safety and comfort – all this allowed the car to become a real legend of its time.