Named the first city to ban motorcycle use

Named the first city to ban motorcycle use

October 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Belgian government is already considering blocking motorcycle access for some areas of Brussels. According to research, motorcycles emit much more harmful substances than cars.

First of all, the ban will occur due to greenhouse gases and fine dust, which will appear in the atmosphere of the city next year, so everything goes deep into ecological soil. Their volumes are calculated by the Brussels Environment agency. Based on the results of the study, it will be found out which areas of Brussels are best closed to motorcyclists. A study in France showed that motorcycles emit eleven times more harmful carbon monoxide and six times more nitrogen oxides than automobiles. This is due to a lag in the environmental class.

At the moment, automakers are trying to customize their cars to Euro-6 standards, while two-wheeled vehicles have just begun to switch to Euro-5, which will begin to operate for motorcycles only next year. Studies for Brussels showed that motor vehicles occupy 6% of the total CO2, 0.2% of nitrogen oxides and 0.4% of fine dust. It is still unknown what decision the government of the capital of Belgium will make.

 At the same time, it was not said anywhere whether the lawmakers took into account the fact that when driving along the same city route, the motorcycle engine works many times less than the motor of a car. This is because the motorcycle is always in motion and not in traffic jams.