Named the first car to receive a digital dashboard

Named the first car to receive a digital dashboard

August 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The digital dashboards now give a “second life” with modern technology. However, they now remember a little that the first copies appeared back in the 1970s, and in the 80s they were already very popular among motorists. But in the 90s of the last century, fashion has passed.

The advantage of such a dashboard is compact. That is, it is possible to fit much more information and devices in it than in the case of the classical one familiar to us. British engineers at Aston Martin understood this very well, later creating a Lagonda car with a digital panel.

 In fact, the Aston Martin Lagonda was without this a very unique car, and the unusual dashboard emphasized this. The model was the first four-door sedan of the British concern, before that the company produced only sports two-door cars.

 The first series of the car was presented in 1974 in his native UK, the city of London. The instances were equipped with a powerful 5.3-liter V8, delivering 280 horsepower. The car was similar to the Aston Martin V8, but slightly elongated and turned. At that time, the design of the premium car looked very outdated, and the company decides to completely update the model. That is how the second series appears in 1976.

A low huge hood and covered headlights markedly distinguished Lagonda against the background of other cars. The British company took a big risk by releasing such a catchy and a bit strange design, but after the release they did not regret it. By the way, a similar design of a wedge-shaped car has already been shown, for example, in the Countach supercar of the Italian company Lamborghini. However, we can safely say that in the premium version of the executive car it was exclusive at that time.

 A very rich salon was simply amazing! Leather trim, touch buttons and wood inserts, but the main highlight of the updated car was certainly the LED electronic digital panel. It displayed all the information needed by the driver. If you believe the rumors, then the development of this panel was spent 4 times more material resources than other elements.

 At that time, the cost of the new Lagonda hit the pockets of even very successful customers. In England, copies were estimated at 50 thousand pounds. Sales began in 1979, demand for the new product was relatively high – 485 cars were sold before the next generation of the model.

 It was this car from the British company Aston Martin that launched a new fashion for digital dashboards. And now the model is considered the pride of the company and real collectible value.

Recall that not so long ago, Aston Martin revealed on video its first crossover DBX. The video was made in the style of the saver from the James Bond movie.