Named the city with the most expensive parking

Named the city with the most expensive parking

November 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

American experts conducted an analysis of parking lots and found out where the greatest fee for short-term parking.

Experts during the study found that in New York, travel on the Manhattan bridge or tunnel would cost $ 15, which is one of the highest rates in the country. And then parking – if you can find it – can cost another $ 37 in just two hours. The next most expensive city is Chicago. Here, leaving your car on the street will cost you $ 21.

During the study, several parking scenarios were analyzed: two hours on the street and off the street, daily and monthly. New York claims to be first in every category – not that New Yorkers are particularly worried about this, since only 45% of them own cars.

The average Top-10 most expensive cities for parking for a month is more than $ 200, while in New York you will have to pay $ 655. Boston is in second place with a figure of 337 dollars, and Jersey City and San Francisco in third and fourth places, respectively – about 300 dollars a month.

If you are ready to leave your car on the street, your wallet will thank you. A two-hour street parking in New York, if you can find it, costs only about $ 8. Compared to the figures published by experts in 2017, almost all expenses in each of the listed cities increased.