Named the best-selling cars in the world

Named the best-selling cars in the world

May 11, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

While some segments of the market continue to grow, others are declining, and with this, some previously major players are cutting their sales.

The list of TOP-20 best-selling cars in the world includes several models. But this only shows how dominance in one region can make a car a world leader.

Toyota Corolla – 1,482,932 units

2019 was a good year for Toyota Corolla, as it increased sales compared to the previous year and confirmed its status as a leader in the world. Its superiority over the Ford F Series has grown to over 400 thousand units, helped by Toyota’s growing sales and a small percentage of Ford losses in 2019.

It was the best-selling car in China in 2019, and it is the only car released on all five continents. With all this in mind, Corolla will soon achieve 50 million total sales since its launch in 1966, which strengthens its position as the best-selling car of all time.

Ford F Series – 1,070,348 copies

The Ford F Series is the second car to break the 1 million car mark in 2019 after Toyota Corolla. And this despite the fact that sales fell by a modest 1.7% in 2019 compared to 2018. However, Ford F brings in over a million sales for the third year in a row. The main model of the F series is the F-150, but the lineup includes several larger models, such as the F-250 King Ranch.

Toyota RAV4 – 961 918

So far, Toyota RAV4 has not reached the one million mark in 2019. The crossover did not reach less than 40 thousand units and was less than 110 thousand units from the Ford F Series to take second place.

Of decisive importance in such “low” sales of the model was the delayed launch of the new RAV4 generation in the key Chinese market. This proved that sales in this region became a hit, so the 2020 figures should reflect this – provided that sales return to their channel after the Covid-19 pandemic.

Honda CR-V – 823 237

If you’ve ever needed any evidence of the growing popularity of an SUV, then the Honda CR-V is it. Sales in 2019 were up 12% from 2018, and CR-V jumped from seventh position last year to a very solid fourth in 2019.

Honda Civic – 817 902

Toyota Corolla’s competitor in the small hatchback segment is the Honda Civic, including its Breeze iteration when it comes to global sales. Last year, a 1.9% drop in sales was recorded compared to 2018, but Civic remains a strong player, ahead of even the Volkswagen Golf, which is located on the 13th line of the best-selling cars in 2019.

Civic sales fell 16,000 units in 2019 from the previous year. This is not a very big figure for a company of such a scale as Honda, but the Japanese company will no longer want to lose ground in front of Corolla.