Named the best car media systems

Named the best car media systems

May 8, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The top five rankings included BMW, Ford and Dodge

Consumer Reports magazine ranked the quality and convenience of infotainment systems in various cars. To do this, the publication staff had to interview 60 thousand respondents, of which only 56 percent were completely satisfied with the work of media complexes. The IVI system in Teslah was named the best: 86 percent of car owners are satisfied with its work.

The top five also includes BMW (iDrive), and survey participants are less satisfied with the navigation work in Bavarian cars, South Korean Genesis (Genesis Display), Ford / Lincoln with Sync 3 system and FCA models equipped with Uconnect 4 complex. The last two companies from the list have problems with music playback and Bluetooth calls.

Lexus (Remote Touchpad) became the outsiders of the rating, with only 42 percent of respondents satisfied with the media system, Honda (HondaLink), Acura (AcuraLink II), Mazda (Mazda Connect) and Alfa Romeo (Alfa Romeo Display). About 50 percent of respondents are satisfied with information and entertainment complexes in cars of these brands.

Consumer Reports also notes that in 2014, 53 percent of cars sold in the US were equipped with touch-sensitive displays, now the figure is already 83 percent. Discontent among the respondents was caused by the lack of physical organs management, as well as the presence of trackpads, which were not very convenient for everyday use. 64 percent are satisfied with Apple CarPlay, Android Auto – 59, and embedded systems – 58 percent of car owners.