Named cars that Americans do not resell for more than 15 years

Named cars that Americans do not resell for more than 15 years

January 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Fifteen years of communication with a car requires a good vehicle, but there is an elite group of cars and trucks that stand out as strong road warriors.

Of the fifteen best cars and trucks on the list, ten Toyota models, four from Honda and one from Subaru. It’s no secret that Toyota produces reliable vehicles, but its dominance on this list is a true testament to the longevity of its cars.

The most successful is the Toyota Highlander station wagon. This three-row SUV that is designed for the family. Toyota Highlander offers reliability, space and style to encourage owners to keep it in their garage for more than fifteen years.

Toyota Tacoma and Tundra are also highly reliable. Just like Highlander, Tacoma and Tundra combine Toyota’s reliability with a platform that is currently popular in the new car market. However, Tacoma and Tundra are distinguished by enthusiastic customers who like to use Toyota trucks for off-road driving. If a truck can survive for 15 years of frantic driving, it can survive in almost everything.

Honda is listed with the Pilot and CR-V SUVs. Reliable Honda SUVs continue to amaze their owners with the fact that more than 12% of them have retained their Honda SUV for more than 15 years. Pilot and CR-V can get a long-term garage stay thanks to the spacious interior and powerful powertrain.