Named cars of stars that rated more expensive than the original

Named cars of stars that rated more expensive than the original

February 13, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

There are many pluses to being rich and famous, one of which is that everything you touch becomes much more valuable. Costumes, memorabilia and even vehicles that once belonged to celebrities often bring huge sums when reselling.

Foreign experts decided to figure out what value celebrities really add to the car. Moreover, the rating is based on data from the past few years. Vanarama specialists compared the average cost of reselling a particular model and the cost of selling an analog in the same year to conduct a direct price comparison – to find the percentage difference between a standard vehicle and a celebrity car.

The most valuable car in terms of value added belonged to the 44th US President Barack Obama, whose 2002 Grand Jeep Cherokee left the auction in 2019 for 38,440 pounds. This is 1 207% more than the average resale value of the car in the same year – 2 940 pounds. This is not to say that Donald Trump did not make a lot of money for his 2007 Ferrari F430 coupe, with a price that grew by 151% only thanks to his name.

Experts also noted the car of Bill Gates, whose Porsche 911 brought an impressive 30,490 pounds in excess of market value and the Ferrari F340 star chef Gordan Ramsay, which brought 59% of the profit (45,430 pounds) relative to a similar model implemented in 2019.

The fact that Ford Thunderbird Convertible previously belonged to Chris Jenner of Kardashian made him 57% more valuable, while the Queen’s Rolls Royce Phantom IV only managed to add 14% to market value.

But Justin Bieber sold the Ferrari 458 Italia back in 2017. Despite his rude attitude to a fashionable car, he still managed to gain 162% of the cost of a similar model sold in the same year.

The celebrity who gained the biggest increase in price was Madonna, whose 2002 Mini Cooper S was resold for an astounding £ 55,000 (+ 922% compared to the standard resale value of £ 5,380) in 2018 year.

The comedian Rowan Atkinson’s Mercedes-Benz 500E was auctioned 115% more than a car owned by an ordinary person. Aston Martin DBS V8 comedian Steve Kogan left Silverstone Auctions with a more modest increase of 4%.

We also found that Oldsmobile 442, owned by James Gandolfini, Tony Soprano of the Soprano Clan television series, sold 15% higher than the average model price in 2017.

David Beckham raised the price of his car, the Porsche 911 Turbo, by almost 100,000 pounds compared with the average resale price in 2018. Not far from Beckham, there was John Cena, a rastler who sold his 2017 Ford GT Supercar, adding 212% to its value. Moreover, he owned the car for only a year and drove it for about 50 km.