Name for the new Kia crossover borrowed from mythology

Name for the new Kia crossover borrowed from mythology

June 4, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new global brand model will be called Seltos

Kia has revealed the name of a new global model. This is the Seltos crossover, an analogue of Hyundai Creta, whose name dates back to ancient Greek mythology. Appearance of new items already revealed on spy shots.

According to the press service of Kia, the name of the crossover is based on the legend of Celtos, the son of Hercules and the ancestor of the people of the Celts. In this case, the Roman historian Appian believed that the father of Celt was in fact the Cyclops giant Polifem, the son of the god Poseidon and the sea nymph. The letter C in the name of the crossover was replaced by S, which should hint at speed and (sportiness).

What Kia Seltos will look like is no longer a secret – recently a car was photographed without any camouflage. The design of the novelty is based on the SP Signature concept, and in the future a similar style will be adapted to the entire global line of the South Korean brand. Seltos will have multi-section LED headlamps, “invisible” rear pillars with metallic décor and two-tone body color.

Sales of Kia Seltos in the company’s native market will begin before the end of the year. Then the model will appear in other countries, but Kia does not plan to represent it in Europe.