Naked KTM turned into a powerful enduro

Naked KTM turned into a powerful enduro

December 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Jiri Heinik created the amazing KTM 1290 Super Enduro R for competition. Everyone who loves enduro competitions would like such a “monster”!

 The rider created the truly astounding KTM 1290 Super Enduro R. Typically, ideas for developing such “monsters” appear spontaneously, as well as for getting the rider powerful emotions and adrenaline. Jiri Heinik, an Erzberg Rodeo enduro competitor, has upgraded the KTM 1290 Super Duke R for its purpose. The Prague dealer of the Race Tool KTM also participated in this project.

All that remained of the street motorcycle was a frame and a two-cylinder engine developing 177 horsepower, which might seem excessive for such an enduro. A fork with 48mm feathers was borrowed from the 1290 Super Adventure, and the wheels were replaced with larger diameter Kimeo spokes. The motorcycle is equipped with others: a fuel tank, a new front wing and hand protection.

 Experts believe that if the KTM 1290 Super Enduro R was mass-produced, it could have gotten a huge fan love. Indeed, many would like to purchase such a device!