Mysterious Lamborghini debuts next week

Mysterious Lamborghini debuts next week

July 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Lamborghini issued a mysterious invitation, inviting July 8 this year to familiarize themselves with their “newest development.”

Judging by the invitation, the mysterious model will be “ahead of its time”. In it, you can pay attention to the capacitor accents, having the form of a new LED lighting of the Italian brand. So, we can assume that the model will have a hybrid or electric unit.

According to rumors, Lamborghini is developing a new “hybrid super sports car” Sian Spyder, which, according to an Italian company, combines exceptional power with electrification. The prototype had a V12 output of 774 hp. and a 34-horsepower electric motor.

Of course, it cannot be guaranteed that the mysterious model will be Sian Spyder, since the Lamborghini brand, in particular, announced its own upcoming SCV12 car with a V19 engine with an output of 819 hp. Together with the power unit, a 6-band gearbox and a rear-wheel drive system will work. The SCV12 model should be shown this summer, for this reason it is quite possible that it will premiere next week.