Mysterious Bugatti Chiron prototype seen in traffic

Mysterious Bugatti Chiron prototype seen in traffic

February 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

At a crossroads in South Africa, a mysterious prototype of the French hypercar Bugatti Chiron was spotted. The company plans to introduce a new version of the model at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show, which will begin its work in a couple of days.

In an interview with The Roadshow last year, Bugatti CEO Stefan Winkelmann talked about plans to create two new versions of the Bugatti Chiron hypercar. About a month ago, it was announced that the company “will present some interesting surprises to its fans in 2020.” One of them is expected to be a Chiron R with a fixed rear wing – its presentation will take place at the Geneva Motor Show, but this prototype seen does not seem to be a similar version of the hypercar.

 Captured somewhere in South Africa awaiting a right turn at the intersection, an interesting instance of the Chiron looks a bit like
Super Sport 300+ hypercar version.

 Although the vents in the front wing and sides of these two cars have a similar design, the prototype seen does not have an elongated rear part, which is in the Super Sport 300+, as well as exhaust pipes of a complex design.

The massive vents in the front are really similar to those of the Super Sport 300+, and it seems that the splitter is also somewhat similar, but we notice that the four-point LED headlights look smoother. This may be due to a change in the shape of the hood and / or bumper, unless it is an illusion caused by the mediocre video quality and poor viewing angle.

 To date, 250 copies of the French Bugatti Chiron hypercar from 500 planned for production have been produced, but less than 100 units are still available for order. You can be sure that the novelty will definitely not get a roadster body.