Musk’s underground tunnel near Las Vegas opens for first passengers

Musk’s underground tunnel near Las Vegas opens for first passengers

June 14, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

A year after the completion of the underground expressway near Las Vegas, the Boring Company officially opened a new transportation system for passengers. Visitors to the World of Concrete exhibition were the first to try it out. Now it takes a couple of minutes to get from one end of the Las Vegas Convention Center to the other. Plans include the construction of 43 stations that will connect all major casinos, hotels and Vegas attractions.

In its current form, the Loop transport system consists of two one-way tunnels at a depth of about 12 meters, connecting three stations, two above ground and one underground. The total length of the ring is about 2.7 km, the travel time is less than two minutes. Passengers descend an escalator in the station’s lobby, board Tesla electric vehicles driven by company employees, and speed through the tunnel at a speed of approximately 65 km / h.

The original plans were much less boring. According to the plan of Elon Musk, the founder of the Boring Company, the cars were to descend from the ground level by elevators, get on special sleds and move along the track autonomously at a much higher speed – up to 240 km / h.

However, even in this design, the Loop system is capable of transporting up to 4,400 passengers per hour. Plans include the expansion of the underground network and the construction of another station near the Resorts World Las Vegas casino. It will be the first station outside the exhibition center.

Recently it became known that the project has received the support of the president of the American football team Las Vegas Raiders Mark Bedain, who wants to place a station near his new stadium. He made this decision after personally driving in the Musk tunnel, according to Electrek.

“It’s such a simple idea,” he said. “It’s amazing that it hasn’t crossed anyone’s mind before. If you can get so many people out of the way and get them to their destination much faster, I see no obstacles to tremendous success. “

The Boring Company already has one completed tunnel near SpaceX’s Hawthorne headquarters, which is 3.4 km long. Another project – in Chicago – was stalled due to the difficult political situation in the city. And because of engineering problems, the construction of a tunnel that was supposed to connect Washington to Baltimore has stalled, and the route could then stretch along the seven-kilometer Las Vegas Strip, where famous Sin City hotels and casinos are located. In total, the project now includes the construction of 43 stations, which will carry 51,000 passengers per hour.