Musk: “Tesla robots will change the face of transport”

Musk: “Tesla robots will change the face of transport”

October 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

As promised, Tesla has begun distributing the beta version of the updated “full autopilot” program to a select few “experienced and careful drivers.” However, the technical advantages of Full Self-Driving pale in comparison to the changes that Tesla electric vehicle owners will see.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the start of testing the beta version of Full Self-Driving software for unmanned vehicle control. It is expected that with the advent of the new version, the number of situations in which the car can do without driver intervention will increase even more: the car will be able to independently change lanes not only on the highway, choose the desired road at a fork, go around objects and make left and right turns. The update has already received a warm welcome among early testers, writes Inverse.

But during a recent meeting with the company’s shareholders, Musk hinted that these capabilities are just a small fraction of what a truly full autopilot would be capable of. The experience of owning a car will change dramatically.

Asked about Tesla’s new project to insure owners of electric vehicles, Musk explained the company’s plans to keep the robotaxi system working. Musk first talked about the autonomous car fleet in 2016. The idea is for car owners to be able to rent out their EVs. The user will be able to call the car through the application, like Uber, and the robotaxi will come to pick it up, and then return to the owner. So it will be possible to make money on personal vehicles, which are still idle most of the time.

However, it is now revealed that this idea is just a “very small part” of what Musk has planned. According to him, having bought several robotic vehicles, a private person will become the owner of a small fleet of autonomous vehicles that can be controlled as he pleases: send for family members and friends, send them to work periodically or constantly. This approach will change the face of private vehicles.

MIT experts are not so optimistic about the benefits of robotic taxis. There is no point in their designs, they believe. They calculated the cost of owning a private car or using a regular taxi and compared it with the approximate price of a trip in a robotic vehicle. It turned out that it would not be cheaper.