Musk: Tesla needs a gigafactory on every continent

Musk: Tesla needs a gigafactory on every continent

February 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Collecting cars in California and taking them to Europe and Asia is “crazy,” said Elon Musk. This was acceptable for a niche manufacturer of luxury electric cars, but now Tesla is a global automaker. So a different approach is needed.

The main problem of Tesla is the lack of production capacity on every continent, said the head of the company, Elon Musk. “It’s crazy to make cars in California and take them to Europe and Asia,” he said.

According to Inverse, Tesla, through the production of Model 3, has evolved from a niche luxury manufacturer to a full player in the automotive market – with a capitalization that is second only to Toyota.

By the time Model 3 began production in July 2017, Tesla had sold approximately 250,000 electric cars over its entire existence. Now this figure is approaching a million. This year, the production of the Model Y crossover will begin, which shares a common platform with the “three”. Next up is the Cybertruck pickup.

At the beginning of last year, Tesla had already survived the logistical hell, and Ilon clearly did not want a repeat of the situation on a larger scale.

At the end of December, Shanghai Gigafactory began work, but now production has stopped due to the coronavirus epidemic. Musk also initiated a project to build a European plant in the vicinity of Berlin, and recently, on his Twitter, found out the audience’s opinion about a new plant in the United States: would it be suitable as a location for Texas.