Musk spoke in detail about revolutionary technologies in German Teslas

Musk spoke in detail about revolutionary technologies in German Teslas

October 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Cars from Berlin Gigafactory will be the first to receive 4680 batteries and many other innovations

The head of Tesla, Elon Musk, has repeatedly said that the plant in the suburbs of Berlin will be a breakthrough in the production plan. Now, on Twitter, he has revealed some details.

Firstly, it is the Berlin-assembled Model Y crossovers that will be the first to receive the new 4680 batteries. Moreover, the batteries assembled from them will be carriers. The finger cells themselves will take on the load, playing a connecting role between the bottom and top of the battery. Thus, such a “sandwich” promises to have a very high torsional rigidity and play a key role in the power structure of the body.

Solid-forged body panels with crush elements will be attached to the front and rear of the battery. In the event of an accident and damage, these cells can be replaced separately from the battery.

Finally, Musk mentioned that an innovative body paint system will debut at the Berlin plant. He did not disclose details, but we know that many had questions about the quality of painting of American “Tesel”.

The Berlin factory should be operational in 2021. According to Musk, the combination of production technologies used on it poses great risks. Therefore, the factories in California and Shanghai will continue to work according to proven schemes for another two years and only then will they begin to adopt the German experience if it is successful.