Musk Shows Off Progress In Autonomous Technology At Tesla AI Day

Musk Shows Off Progress In Autonomous Technology At Tesla AI Day

August 20, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Automaker Tesla also noted the progress made in manufacturing its own semiconductors, developed in-house specifically to train the neural network for autonomous driving.

Tesla is working on a purely “imaging” system that uses eight vehicle-mounted cameras to process 3D “vector space” in real time to control navigation.

Tesla used Artificial Intelligence Day to showcase the advancement in autonomous driving that has come to the spotlight of regulators, and unveiled plans to create a realistic robot that Elon Musk says will take the hassle out of everyday life.

He also highlighted the progress made in his own semiconductor, developed in-house specifically to train a neural network to enable autonomous driving, while Musk said he would consider licensing the technology to competitors.

The chip is an important part of the system that makes up Dojo, a previously touted supercomputer that Tesla says is the key to hacking fully autonomous driving. Musk said Dojo will be operational by the end of next year.

The event, designed to showcase Tesla as more than just an automaker and help recruit talent for the Palo Alto, California-based company, came just days after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration launched an official investigation into a malfunction in Tesla’s autopilot system. after almost complete failure. a dozen collisions at the scene of accidents involving rapid response vehicles.

In a series of videos, Andrey Karpati, Tesla’s director of artificial intelligence, showed an unmanned vehicle moving and taking turns, comparing camera settings to the neural system of the brain. Other engineers talked about Tesla’s strong 1,000-person data labeling and modeling capabilities.

Tesla’s autopilot feature is still considered just a Level 2 driver assistance system rather than a fully autonomous technology.

One of the most significant achievements highlighted during the presentation was the progress made by Tesla in creating its own semiconductors. The “D1” chip, along with an integrated system of other processors and connectors, constitutes the “learning tiles” that will power the Dojo supercomputer. Tesla’s chip has “GPU-grade” processing power and twice the bandwidth of chips used on networks, executives said.

Musk said it was unlikely Tesla would open up the technology, but would consider licensing its competitors. The largest suppliers of chips to the automotive industry are Infineon, Renesas and NXP.

Earlier we wrote that Tesla intends to make a humanoid robot.