Musk showed what a three-engine Starship prototype looks like

Musk showed what a three-engine Starship prototype looks like

October 17, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Elon Musk shared with his Twitter readers a photo of the bottom of the prototype Starship spacecraft, the foundation of SpaceX’s future fleet. The model, serial number SN8 and three Raptor engines, will climb 18.3 km during October trials.

Now the private space company SpaceX has a priority – the construction of a new generation Starship spacecraft, designed for flights inside the Earth, to the Moon and Mars. Several prototypes have already been assembled and tested at the Texas test site, and gradually they have more structural elements, writes Inverse.

The prototype SN5, which has already taken off into the air, differs from the SN6 in the method of attaching heat shields, and the SN7 has a tank made of a new, more durable alloy. The SN8 is easily recognizable by the wings on the body and nose cone. This particular model, after a series of static fire tests, is due to climb 18.3 km in October using three Raptor engines – half of what will be installed on the final version of Starship.

The photo of SN8 is a bottom view and was published by the head of SpaceX Elon Musk on his Twitter. “It will be less spacious with three vacuum rocket engines,” he added.

If successful, the company will have time to complete at least one more test flight by the end of the year, this time to an altitude of 60-70 km. It will allow SpaceX to get one step closer to its cherished goal – the colonization of Mars and the transformation of humanity into an interplanetary species.

By the way, more recently he proposed his own version of the flag for Mars, the idea for which was suggested by a successful photo of a Falcon 9 rocket taking off against the background of the Sun. It is not known, however, how the governments of other countries, dreaming of winning the space race, will react to this.