Musk postponed release of Level 5 autopilot to the end of the year

Musk postponed release of Level 5 autopilot to the end of the year

September 16, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Tesla CEO has adjusted the release schedule for the new autopilot, which should make a “quantum leap” in autonomy. The new version was expected to arrive before the end of October. Tesla owners in the United States can now expect a software update with the new autopilot no earlier than mid-December. Unless, of course, new unforeseen circumstances intervene in the course of work.

Tesla has been “fundamentally overhauling” Tesla’s autopilot since spring. Its capabilities will significantly expand, including for the integration of new functions of the Full Self-Driving package in the future. In August, Musk promised that the software rework would lead to a quantum leap and announced a public release in 6-10 weeks. That is, at the latest, the new autopilot was supposed to appear no later than the end of October.

A month later, Musk said that there was still 6-10 weeks before the first public beta if all went well, Electrek reported.

“We will release a private beta version in 2-4 weeks, a public beta version (for those who agreed to test new software) in 4-6 weeks after that. All Tesla owners in the US will receive the new autopilot in mid-December. The above schedule is subject to unexpected major setbacks, ”Tesla CEO said on Twitter.

Last year, Musk talked about Tesla’s plan by the end of 2020 to convert the company’s 1 million cars into robotic taxis – for automatic use as on-call vehicles so that owners can rent out idle electric vehicles. It is now obvious that these intentions will not come true. In addition, Tesla has sold less than 1 million cars in the United States so far, and the company will not be able to activate the new autopilot outside the United States due to legislative restrictions.

In addition, Tesla has not even started testing its robotic taxi service yet – and it will take months, if not years, to obtain the appropriate permits. At best, this dream of Musk will only come true by the end of 2021.