Musk has significantly reduced the cost and time of laying a tunnel near Miami

Musk has significantly reduced the cost and time of laying a tunnel near Miami

February 9, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

In a conversation with the mayor of the city, the head of The Boring Company, Elon Musk, said that the company would undertake the construction of a 3.2 km long tunnel for only $ 30 million, and the work would be completed in no more than six months. This is a significantly more attractive offer than what was announced earlier: $ 1 billion and four years.

Mayor Francis Suarez shared the details of a telephone conversation with Elon Musk on Twitter: “He intends to try to implement a project that will be most useful for our residents for the minimum amount of money,” said the head of Miami. “The order of magnitude of the savings is significant.”

Musk first tweeted that he would like to dig a tunnel near Miami in January this year, writes Verge. Cars and trucks emit megatons of toxic gases and particles, he said, but the underground road would solve the transportation problem and set an example for the world. And if Florida Governor Ron Desantis and the mayor don’t mind, he’s ready to take on this project.

Mayor of Suarez will find out what they think of Musk’s generous offer from Governor Desantis and the head of Miami-Dade County next Friday. But he himself is determined to accept it: “I think we have a unique opportunity to create a meaningful project not only for Miami, but for the whole world.”

However, the task of laying a tunnel near Miami is more difficult than near Las Vegas, where The Boring Company is actively digging a system of underground communications. The city is built on porous limestone and is also affected by rising ocean levels. Therefore, a tunnel less than a mile long under the port of Miami cost the city about $ 700 million. How exactly Musk intends to overcome this difficulty is not known, although in the past he said that tunnels should be built here at a depth of the height of skyscrapers.

Musk’s idea is to create a network of tunnels under the metropolitan areas to quickly transport passengers using autonomous electric vans. This will relieve the load on land roads and get rid of traffic jams that Mask hates.