Musk has promised to revolutionize the automotive industry

Musk has promised to revolutionize the automotive industry

September 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

It looks like we are talking about a fundamentally new way of creating bodies.

At the “Battery Day”, which Tesla is organizing on September 22, will tell not only about the batteries themselves, but also about the successes that the company has achieved in the design and design of cars as such.

The other day, Elon Musk visited Germany, where he met with the local authorities, and also visited the gigafactory under construction. There he told reporters the following:

“I will tell all the details about how the production will be arranged here at the“ Day of batteries ”. But for now I can only note that here we are completely changing the key approaches to the design and production of cars. This is a huge step forward in assembly, development and design. “

We assume that we are talking about the creation of car bodies. Musk has previously spoken about his desire to reduce the number of body parts by enlarging them, and even demonstrated the largest stamping press in California. It is expected that there will be several such presses at the Berlin plant.

In addition, last year, Tesla patented a single giant machine, consisting of several punching and docking modules, which alone is capable of making an entire car body.

Now, in modern car factories, body parts are stamped separately, and then welded on the next end of the end. Simplifying this process will allow Tesla to reduce the cost of its vehicles.

This version is supported by the words Musk said a couple of weeks ago to Clean Technica. At the time, he argued that it would be production innovations that would become Tesla’s long-term competitive advantage over other automakers.