Musk: future Tesla batteries will be part of the body of an electric car

Musk: future Tesla batteries will be part of the body of an electric car

September 27, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

During Battery Day, Elon Musk spoke about plans to integrate batteries into the structural elements of Tesla cars. This will solve several problems at once: the body will become stronger, the probability of battery breakdown as a result of a collision will decrease, and most importantly, such cars will cost less, since assembly will be simplified by about 370 parts.

In all modern aircraft, wings serve as fuel tanks, Musk said, which is a great solution. In this case, the fuel tank has two functions and it is no longer a load.

“This is a fundamental approach in aircraft construction – it was a major breakthrough,” said the entrepreneur. “And we will do the same for cars.”

This innovation will significantly reduce the mass of the electric vehicle and, in addition, future Teslas will become safer, Musk explained. His company is developing a special adhesive that also serves as a fire retardant. According to him, “in fact, it is a honeycomb sandwich with two phase sheets.”

Thanks to this structure, the car can become even stronger, writes Futurism. As a result, the batteries will move closer to the center of the car, which means that a situation in which the battery will be punched – the worst scenario in a collision – becomes less likely.

And finally, such a design of the battery will eliminate 370 unnecessary parts, that is, production will be easier and, in the long term, will become cheaper.

Tesla’s other announcements at Battery Day include a promise to launch an electric car for $ 25,000 by 2023 and increase battery production to 20 million units per year. By that time, Tesla will start its own production of lithium, improve and reduce the cost of battery production.