Musk decided to buy a village near the Texas spaceport.

Musk decided to buy a village near the Texas spaceport.

February 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

SpaceX is buying up property in the Boca Chica village of south Texas, near the assembly and testing site of the Starship space rocket. There, Elon Musk plans to build a recreation center for a hundred places, with a volleyball court, climbing wall and other entertainments. Locals are outraged.

The head of SpaceX decided to build a private cottage village near the spaceport in Texas for those who want to relax and watch the starts. Also, employees of the company working on the assembly of the Starship spaceship will be able to settle there. According to Mask, so a private spaceport will become “an epic place for work and life.”

There will be a hundred rooms in the village (it is not clear whether these will be separate bungalows) that can be booked online, and regular sports and entertainment events: volleyball tournaments, rock climbing, kayaking and rocket launching parties.

To organize all this, the company is already looking for a coordinator. True, after the publication of the publication in the BI publication, SpaceX deleted the vacancy, but managed to save it. The text does not say whether all one hundred rooms will be designed for permanent residence of company employees or only for the rest. In February, Musk wrote on Twitter that employees will work on Starship around the clock, and he himself has already bought a house in the neighborhood to monitor the progress of work.

In September, SpaceX began buying property owned by residents of Boca Chica. Half have already agreed to sell the houses and move. However, a group of locals does not want to part with their property and are ready to defend their right in court if the district authorities try to evict them under the pretext of maintaining security. Earlier in September 2019, at a meeting with residents, Musk explained that they themselves would not want to live near the launch site with constant launches. The appearance on the company’s website of a plan to turn the village into an entertainment center only added fuel to the fire.

However, one cannot fail to note the genius of the Mask plan, because there are many people who wish to observe the launch of the world’s largest missile (and launches are planned three times a day), while relaxing in comfortable conditions. The first full-fledged Starship test flight is scheduled for the first quarter of 2020.