Musk accuses Tesla owners of misusing autopilot

Musk accuses Tesla owners of misusing autopilot

August 5, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Oddly enough, there is every reason for his point of view.

Tesla’s decision to name its Level 2 autonomous driving system Autopilot may seem a little disingenuous to some, such as the few owners (and their victims) who abused it and ultimately provoked an accident. But the truth is that autopilot is not capable of fully steering a car, and owners will fully understand this if they actually read the instructions that Tesla provides.

Last month, a German court ruled that Tesla was misleading customers about autopilot capabilities and banned the automaker from advertising the system in a country where Tesla’s Model 3 is very popular. Tesla CEO Elon Musk, unsurprisingly, strongly disagrees with this decree. Needless to say, he was also dissatisfied with the critics’ suggestions to change and / or clarify the name of the system.

“Absolutely not, it’s funny,” he said. “People abuse autopilot, not because they are new to it and don’t understand it. People who use autopilot for the first time are extremely paranoid about this. And it doesn’t seem like “if you just introduce a different name, they really did treat it differently.” If something goes wrong with the autopilot, it is because someone is using it incorrectly and is using it directly contrary to what we said how it should be used. “

Reading the chapter on autopilot in the user manual is a good start. Musk says the name is based on the aircraft’s autopilot technology, where the pilot can also activate software that helps control the aircraft in certain conditions, but pilots still need to be alert and ready to immediately take control in an emergency. Tesla teaches drivers to do the same, which means they shouldn’t sit on smartphones, sleep, etc. Drivers must not be lazy and must remain vigilant.