Musk about Volkswagen ID.3: Not bad for a normal car

September 9, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The head of Volkswagen Herbert Diess posted a video of the tests of the electric car at the airport

Last week, news agencies reported that during his visit to Germany, Elon Musk flew to Braunschweig airport for several hours, where he met with the head of Volkswagen Herbert Diess. There, Musk got the opportunity to test Volkswagen ID.3 and ID.4 electric vehicles.

Now Diss posted a video from that meeting on his LinkedIn, where, however, there is no yet unclassified ID.4, only the hatchback ID.3.

In the beginning, Diss asks Musk not to treat the electric car as a sports car. In response, Musk says about the dynamics of acceleration: “For a non-sports car, very good.” The head of Tesla also asks Diss about the presence of a lane-keeping system and about the capacity of the battery. Diss calls the system of retention in the Volkswagen lane without undue modesty “a work of German engineering”, and speaking of the battery, he calls it full (overestimated), and not actually used capacity.

Interestingly, the video posted sparked a discussion in the comments that Tesla and Volkswagen have agreed to jointly develop new models. Diss even had to step in and write a comment stating that no deals had been made with Tesla. He illustrated these words with a selfie with Musk.