Mountune Unveils Upgrade Pack for Ford Puma ST and Fiesta ST

Mountune Unveils Upgrade Pack for Ford Puma ST and Fiesta ST

June 6, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

The “charged” American crossover Ford Puma ST, as well as the compact hatchback Fiesta ST have been upgraded by the Mountune tuning studio – now they can boast of up to 256 horsepower.

The new Ford Puma is not the best thing that fans of the “blue oval” have received from the American brand in recent years, given that its indirect predecessor is the rare racing Puma.

But Ford has released the “charged” Puma ST crossover. In practice, this car can be called a higher version of the Fiesta ST. The Puma ST uses the same EcoBoost three-cylinder engine that produces 197 horsepower and 320 Nm of torque.

But if those numbers aren’t enough, Mountune has something new for Puma ST owners.

The m235 performance kit, first introduced for the Fiesta ST, is now also available for the Puma ST, which can be easily installed via the Bluetooth OBD tuner adapter and the SMARTflash app that runs on any smartphone or tablet. As the name suggests, peak power output will be 235 horsepower (350 Nm).

Mountune is also releasing the m260 aftermarket, further increasing the Puma ST’s peak power to 260 horsepower (365 Nm).

What’s more, the m260 kit is also compatible with the Fiesta ST hatchback – you will have to pay £ 99 if the Fiesta ST owner upgrades from m225 or m235 to m260.

The m235 performance upgrade kit costs £ 575, but Mountune recommends purchasing an induction kit for maximum performance.

The m260 upgrade retails for £ 675, but Puma ST and Fiesta ST owners must include an induction kit, downpipe kit and intercooler to complete the upgrade. Mountune also recommends using RON 97 in their vehicles if they want to achieve the specified power output and maintain engine reliability.

Not so long ago, AutoTimesNews wrote about what the “charged” crossover Ford Puma ST is capable of. A video has appeared on the YouTube channel AutoTopNL, which shows the dynamic capabilities of the “charged” Ford Puma ST crossover. The car is being tested on the German Autobahn of unlimited speed.