Motorhome from an old Ford Aerostar GTRV minivan? Easy.

Motorhome from an old Ford Aerostar GTRV minivan? Easy.

February 4, 2020 1 By autotimesnews

An old 1997 Ford Aerostar minivan was taken as the basis for this automobile house project. The resulting touring car costs $ 5,500. It has a sink, stove and fridge.

The basis for this motorhome, it was decided to take the Ford Aerostar GTRV model 1997. It is worth noting that Ford Aerostar is the first Ford minivan in the history of the company. This residential car was put up for sale in the United States and according to its current owner, who decided to part with this outlandish car, the minivan is in impeccable condition. The announcement says that they never smoked in the van, there were no pets there either.

Many fabric surfaces are in excellent condition – no holes, stains, or fading. This applies to cabinets that do not have scuffs or cracks, and there are no signs of rotting. The seller says that Aerostar has been used very carefully and has been kept in the garage all its life.

Inside, it is as modern as you can imagine – well, for a 20-year-old car. It includes a sink, fridge, two-burner stove, dining table and air conditioning. The second-row seat folds into a bed, and the movable roof provides more space above your head. The only thing that is missing – at least from what I see in these photos – is the shower and toilet, although many of these small vans for outdoor activities have to make such compromises – there is simply not enough room for them.

 The 1997 Ford Aerostar GTRV is up for sale for $ 5,500. It does not say how much the car drove. However, given its impeccable condition, most likely, the minivan drove a fairly short distance.