Motomuzeum Giancarlo Morbidelli plan to eliminate

Motomuzeum Giancarlo Morbidelli plan to eliminate

February 28, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In the small coastal town of Pesaro (Italy) is located Motomuzeum Giancarlo Morbidelli. It occupies almost 3000 square meters. Basically, racing bikes exhibited last century.

The collection has motorcycles Benelli, Bultaco, Ducati, Honda, Matchless, Moto Morini, Harley-Davidson; serial, prototypes, racing, champion. All motorcycles are sorted by production date and installed on special podiums. Each exhibit is accompanied by a sign, full information, photos, pictures, posters, etc. The museum also has a racing gallery with trophies and souvenirs. Total exhibited about 350 motorcycles. Giancarlo Morbidelli has been collecting the collection for 25 years.

Because of problems with money and disagreements with local authorities, the collection will have to be sold, and the museum closed. 85-year-old Morbidelli conducts excursions on request, but the museum is now closed and officially not working.

The bad news. There are not so many motorcycle museums in the world, so I would not like to lose another one. At the moment there is very little information. Nothing is reported about attempts to save the museum, refinance.