MotoGP: Rossi conceded victory in the third stage to Rinsu

MotoGP: Rossi conceded victory in the third stage to Rinsu

April 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Spaniard won his first career victory. But the current world champion Mark Marquez was not lucky and he got off the track on the ninth lap, writes Motosport.

The stage in Austin (USA) turned out to be not only interesting for the audience, but also very difficult for the riders themselves. In the beginning, it seemed that this time (as well as four years in a row) Marquez would win the race, but something went wrong and the leaders began to make mistakes, which Alex Rins used. He overtook Valentino Rossi on his own.

Marquez started from the pole position and did not say that the start was smooth, but he still managed to immediately take the lead. Immediately behind him got Rossi, but he failed to catch up with the opponent because of the increasing separation. Riens drove behind the Italian, then Cal Clowchlow and Jack Miller.

And everything went well, until a series of falls began. At the 11th turn, the sport bike Kreclow slipped and the racer fell, and although the fall itself turned out to be not a serious race, he could not continue. Maverick Vinales moved to 19th position due to a false start. Then Marcez got off the track at the twelfth turn and Marquez did not manage to start his bike, so he did not continue the race either. A few laps at the same turn due to a malfunction of the motorcycle, Marquez’s Honda partner, Jorge Lorenzo, dropped out.

 As a result, Rossi took the lead, but Rins followed him, waiting for the moment to attack. Luck smiled at him for four laps before the finish, taking advantage of the moment he pushed the Italian into second place and held the lead to checkered flags. The three leaders closed Miller. Andrea Dovitzioso also did a great job, going from 13th starting position to fourth finish. Thus, in the overall standings, he returned to himself the first line, while Rins has so far only the third, Rossi is second, and Marquez is already the fourth.