Most truck owners would give up alcohol, not their cars.

Most truck owners would give up alcohol, not their cars.

June 24, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

According to a survey by Penn Schoen Berland, a U.S. trucker, they are more likely to give up alcohol, coffee, movies, rather than their favorite trucks.

If there is a vehicle that can stand the test of time, it would certainly be pickups. This statement is especially true in the United States, where full-size Ford F-Series trucks were recognized as the most popular vehicles by the end of 2019. And it’s not at all surprising that another truck manufacturer, Ram, is in second place in popularity.

The survey results are evidence; America loves its pickups, and Ford is one of the brands that produce the most popular ones.

Ford’s 14th generation workhorse will be shown this week, with a presentation scheduled for June 25th.

A few days before the long-awaited debut, Ford commissioned Penn Schoen Berland, a research firm, to conduct a survey among 2,000 American truck enthusiasts to find out what they think about their iron horses. We learned a lot from the survey, including the fact that 54 percent of the respondents are men. In addition, 38 percent of respondents own a Ford production pickup truck.

Probably the most interesting part of the survey was that most respondents would rather give up three other things, rather than their pickups. The largest share fell on streaming services – 82% of respondents are ready to part with them for their own pickups, while alcohol and coffee consumption are the next 79 and 72%, respectively. And only 38% of truck owners would refuse sex, if only they were driving their “workhorses.”

Not so long ago, our publication wrote that Ford published a teaser for a completely new generation of F-150 pickups. The press service of the American brand published a teaser image of the new generation of the full-size pickup F-150. The long-awaited novelty will debut on June 25.