Most often the rules are violated by drivers of BMW, Audi and Acura

Most often the rules are violated by drivers of BMW, Audi and Acura

October 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Experts in the United States conducted a study and named the brands of cars whose owners most often violate traffic rules.

On the basis of 2.5 million applications for insurance, experts noted which car owners are the worst offenders. Note that during the insurance of the car, the applicant is obliged to indicate the accidents in which he fell, as well as all his violations of the rules.

Experts highlighted gross violations, such as refusal to give way, refusal to stop, improperly reversing, overtaking in prohibited areas, street races and collisions, and ranked the vehicles that most often appeared in the documents.

In the first place are the owners of the BMW 4 Series with an indicator of gross violations of 58.9 out of 1,000. Most often, these motorists are not inferior to pedestrians, do not obey stop signs and pass at a red traffic light. The second place is taken by drivers of the BMW 7 Series with 56.2 out of 1,000. Next come Audi A5 drivers (54.3 out of 1,000), who do not notice pedestrians, ignore traffic lights and stop signs. The fourth line is occupied by Subaru WRX (49.7 out of 1,000).

Closes the top five Toyota Celica of the last model year, which was released more than ten years ago, but it still appears on this list. For Toyota Celica drivers, the rate of serious violations is 47.6 out of 1,000. The sixth position is occupied by Acura TLX owners who violate stopping rules, and the rate of violations is 47.6 out of 1,000. After that comes another premium model – Acura ILX (46, 4 drivers out of 1,000).

Hyundai Veloster drivers are on the eighth line and are often recruited for not giving way to other drivers. Experts also mentioned that Veloster drivers ranked sixth in the list of cars with the highest number of speeding tickets. The number of drivers with rude behavior on the road is 46.0 out of 1,000.

Next in the ranking are Honda Element drivers, who do not give way to other drivers, and the indicator of gross violations is 45.4 out of 1,000. The Audi A4 completes the list, whose drivers are often accused of having a bad attitude towards pedestrians. According to the data, they do not give way to pedestrians four times more often than the average. The number of drivers of this model with gross violations is 44.8 out of 1,000.