Morris may be reborn for electric vehicles

Morris may be reborn for electric vehicles

October 21, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

In Britain, they plan to revive the long-dead Morris brand for the production of electric vans.

The last Morris car appeared on the Leyland market in 1984. The company, which controlled 42% of the British market for new cars in 1926, was almost developed by the classic Morris Minor, an affordable and fascinating Volkswagen Beetle-style car. Worldwide sales increased by 1.6 million and brand models were produced until 1971.

Last week, Morris Commercial, a startup funded by the Chinese in Britain, announced a new variation on the compact Morris J-Type van.

 It is currently unknown where the car will be built. Qu Li is the former director of MG Rover, which went bankrupt in 2005, and is the founder and CEO of Morris Commercial. According to her, a fully designed concept has been developed and will be shown this fall.

┬áThe old Morris plant in Oxford, where many of the brand’s most popular models were developed, is not an option. In the current period, this plant is owned by the German corporation BMW and is used to produce Mini models.