Morgan will get a modern platform

Morgan will get a modern platform

December 11, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The British automaker completes the era of production of cars with a staircase chassis.

In 2020, Morgan will stop releasing its models based on a steel chassis with a ladder frame, a system that it showed 83 years ago in its debut 4-wheel model called 4/4. Further, the auto brand will be built on a lightweight chassis generating the CX.

The abandonment of the traditional platform is related to the current preferences of customers. As noted, the decision on the chassis is part of the changes and improvements.

“We understand that a more decisive main product is needed that meets both the needs of our customers and future legislative requirements. Creating a new platform is an important foundation for the next generation of Morgan sports cars, ”said Morgan CEO Steve Morris.

 Now Morgan is trying not to disclose details about its upcoming new products, while it is assumed that many of them will retain the typical appearance of the brand. Detailed information is likely to be reported in March 2020 at the Geneva auto show.

But Morgan emphasizes that the company will not immediately abandon its traditional staircase chassis. In 2020, marks 70 years since the release of Plus 4, in the current period of the bestseller of the brand, and designers are already planning to release a special version of the model.