Morgan to release a farewell series of 3 Wheeler tricycles

Morgan to release a farewell series of 3 Wheeler tricycles

November 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

33 pieces will mark the end of production

Morgan Motor will release a farewell series of 3 Wheeler tricycles called the P101. It will mark the end of retrocar production and will be limited to 33 pieces. Collector’s execution was estimated at 45,000 pounds sterling.

The production of the three-wheeled Morgan in its current form will end in 2021, when the certificate for the S&S V2 2.0 liter and 83 horsepower engine used by the companies expires. It was with these three-wheelers that the history of Morgan Motor began, although the 3 Wheeler itself was launched in 2011, and in 2016 it was joined by the electric variant of the EV3. However, the company is only talking about a short break in production, after which the retrocar will return to service, but in a different guise.

Version 3 Wheeler P101 (Project 101 is the name of the project to resurrect a historical model) with a unique decor and an asymmetric theme should become a symbol of change. These tricycles will feature, above all, a gold composite plastic overlay above the passenger seat, blank Aero wheels and Hella floodlights positioned to reduce air turbulence around the suspension components. Another unique feature of the P101 is the tailpipes. They were coated with black ceramic on the right and white on the left.

Other features of the tricycle include visible rivets on the body, tiny windscreens and unique graphics. 3 Wheeler can only be painted in two colors, Deep Black or Satin White Silver, plus you can choose one of four art packs: Belly Tank – inspired by post-war cars that drove out to salt lakes, Dazzleship – refers to military camouflage, Aviator – based on the design RAF aircraft during World War II, and Race Car – imitates the appearance of the first racing Morgan. You can also order the Aero Pack for the car, that is, remove the roll bar and the passenger’s windscreen.

The Morgan 3 Wheeler P101 will be limited to 33 pieces. The cars will be divided between dealerships in the USA, Europe and the UK. The price of a tricycle is from £ 45,000. Base 3 Wheeler costs £ 39,486