Morgan Plus 4 2020 model year: an alien from the past

Morgan Plus 4 2020 model year: an alien from the past

November 15, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The new model of the legendary British company looks like a real retrocar, although it has insides from modern cars. The design of the car was developed back in 1936.

Morgan Plus 4 is a modern car with a design almost a century ago. Despite the technical stuffing from the 21st century, the company tried to maintain the spirit of the first cars. Design straight from 1936 cars. Therefore, designers and engineers did not even think about organizing any kind of comfort, noise isolation and technology. From navigation, only a pocket is available in the door where you can put a card.

This is a completely impractical car without a trunk, a second row of seats, and with a design from the last century. It is these Morgan cars that their owners like. In fact – this is a collection retrocar, but completely new.

 As a power unit, a 2.0-liter simple engine is used in conjunction with a mechanical transmission. Maximum power is 150 horsepower. Acceleration to “hundreds” takes 7.5 seconds. The maximum speed is 190 horsepower.

The cost of Morgan Plus 4 starts at $ 70,000. Each copy is supplied by reservation only.