More than 700 thousand Volvo cars will be recalled due to a malfunction

More than 700 thousand Volvo cars will be recalled due to a malfunction

March 19, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The reason was a possible malfunction of the automatic braking system. Under the revocable campaign, new cars will fall.

Volvo is about to test 736,430 of its vehicles for a malfunctioning autonomous emergency braking system. To do this, these machines must be sent by the owners to the official service centers of the Swedish company. At the same time, 56,368 cars were sold in the UK. Initially, a malfunction was identified on the mid-size crossover XC60.

Tests were conducted by the Danish FDM Automotive Authority at the end of 2019. During the tests, a special pillow acted as an obstacle, however, the emergency braking system was not activated, and the car did not reduce speed. After that, the model was sent to the headquarters of the Swedish company to find out the reasons.

As a result, it became known that the same malfunction is possible not only on the XC60 models, but also on the V90, S90, V60, XC40 and XC90, which were produced after January 21, 2019.

 As a result of research, it was possible to identify a malfunction Рit is associated with the sensor software, which should start the automatic braking system. To update the software, car owners will be asked to come to service centers for work. All work will be performed free of charge. At the same time, Volvo representatives noted that the malfunction does not affect the classic brake system.