More power: the Japanese brought a superior Aspark Owl supercar to Paris

More power: the Japanese brought a superior Aspark Owl supercar to Paris

October 5, 2018 0 By autotimesnews

At the auto show in Paris showed an improved modification of the electric supercar Owl from the Japanese company Aspark. The unique car, according to the assurances of its creators, has become almost three times more powerful.

Paris auto show is rich in loud car debuts and interesting modifications of already known cars. So, the Japanese company Aspark surprised visitors to the international motor show with a new version of its electric supercar Owl. Recall one of the most dynamic cars in the world presented to the general public last year at the motor show in Frankfurt, Germany.

The world premiere was preceded by almost three years of hard work: the creation of an all-wheel-drive electric car was closely tackled by Japanese engineers in 2014. Subsequently, control races showed that the electric supercar boasts “explosive” overclocking – the 100 ль/р Japanese Aspark Owl scored in just 1.89 seconds.

The appearance of the improved Aspark Owl has not changed fundamentally: the same streamlined, wedge-shaped nose, stylish “gills” on the sidewalls, the overall wing, the two-seater. But the dynamic characteristics still have been upgraded. The recoil of electric motors has grown from 435 horsepower to 1,166 horses. The maximum speed is still 280 km / h, but the curb weight has noticeably increased – 1500 kilograms instead of 850. The power reserve has also increased – from now on such a powerful electric car can travel 300 kilometers without recharging (150 kilometers were said earlier). Plus has gone and the cost of new items: now it is 3.1 million euros.

It is planned that Aspark Owl will release a very limited edition – only 50 copies. The first buyers will receive their cars in 2020.

Earlier, the Japanese company Honda introduced an updated version of the Acura NSX supercar.