Mopar presented an exclusive pickup Ram 2500

Mopar presented an exclusive pickup Ram 2500

February 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

An upgraded American truck from the guys from Mopar was shown at the Chicago Auto Show. This pickup has received more than 170 additional accessories. This is the most personalized version of the Ram 2500.

Introduced a couple of hours ago, the Ram 2500 Heavy Duty 2019 pickup is a Mopar tuning studio project.

 The truck shows over 170 parts available for ordering.

The hefty pickup got an interesting shade of Blue Streak body, and the black trim on the false radiator grille, wings, nameplates and other places on the body provides visual contrast. The truck is equipped with a set of 17-inch wheels, and also has protective plates that reliably protect its lower part. On the cargo platform there is a stylish stand with a number of LED lamps, there is also a spare wheel.

  On the inside there are stainless steel door sills and floor mats “for all weather conditions”. A number of additional switches control the LEDs installed on the roof.

 Mopar also presents some parts that are not on this particular truck. Customers can order a trailer camera, a five-wheel platform, an extended cargo platform with various accessories and a side footboard for easier access to it.

 The 2019 Ram Heavy Duty debuted at the Detroit Auto Show in 2019. Under its hood is a 6.7-liter Cummins turbodiesel, thanks to which the pickup can pull as many as 15,921 kg. Load capacity at the car 3,483 kg. The car received and many off-road options.

Well, at the end of last year, the guys from the Mopar company brought two unique performances of the Ram 1500 pickup to the SEMA exhibition, dedicated to tuning cars.