Modern electronics reduce maintainability

Modern electronics reduce maintainability

November 9, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Active development of a large number of automatic electronic systems complicates car repair. Especially after an accident. This causes great damage to independent workshops.

Owners of independent car service stations as well as auto parts manufacturers are alarmed by the behavior of car manufacturers. Electronic assistants complicated the qualified repair and restoration of cars after an accident, and the companies themselves frighten customers with services outside the official service station.

Manufacturers claim that the complexity of automatic emergency braking systems, keeping the car in a lane, and so on is very complex. To maintain their performance, it is necessary to use only original spare parts, and it is forbidden to service the car in independent workshops. It is necessary to apply only to dealership service stations, or to certified workshops.

 So, in America, Subaru tells its customers that it will withdraw the warranty due to an unofficial EyeSight repair. Also Nissan, Infiniti and Volvo threaten to withdraw from the guarantee all electronics of vehicles, if they detect extraneous interference. At the same time, General Motors and Honda protect their own customers from visiting non-certified service stations, but they do not lead to threats.

Although there is some truth in the car manufacturers. In our opinion, compulsory licensing will soon be introduced in America for the repair of electronic vehicle systems related to immediate vehicle safety.