Modern convertibles compete in safety with traditional cars

Modern convertibles compete in safety with traditional cars

June 25, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Convertibles and roadsters are in the model lines of many manufacturers, but they are sold in much smaller quantities than cars with hard roofs. One of the reasons is the specific design, which the average buyer often considers unsafe.

Specialists at the American Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) came out in defense of convertibles. Using statistics as an example, they proved that this type of car is not inferior in terms of safety to traditional cars with hard roofs. To do this, the experts studied the accident data from the NHTSA for five years.

It turned out that over the years there has not been a single accident in the United States where a person sitting in a car without a top would die. The conclusions made, of course, do not indicate that convertibles and traditional cars have the same degree of protection.

The presented statistics help to fight the fear of buying an open-top car – often those who want to buy such a car are scared of the possibility of getting into an accident with serious health consequences. Another accident rate in favor of convertibles – road accidents with such vehicles is six percent less.

The likelihood that in an accident the driver or passenger of a convertible will be thrown out of the passenger compartment reaches 43% (against 35% for conventional cars).