Mobilize from Renault presents three small electric cars

Mobilize from Renault presents three small electric cars

June 18, 2021 0 By autotimesnews

Mobilize from Renault will offer the car market three new electric cars: Duo, Bento and Hippo.

The Mobilize subbrand, which is part of the Renault group of companies along with Alpine, Dacia and Renault itself, has demonstrated its debut clan of electric cars. These are 3 small models for different purposes with similar names: Duo, Bento and Hippo.

According to the ProCrossover portal, the Mobilize Duo is designed to transport two passengers. The model will come in handy for car sharing companies. The dimensions of the car resemble a Citroen Ami. There can be a driver and one passenger in the cabin. It is worth noting that the novelty is 50% made of recyclable materials.

The Mobilize Bento model is a cargo version of the Duo car. It is intended for delivery services. At the same time the volume of a cargo compartment reaches modest 1 m³.

Modification Mobilize Hippo turned out to be the most capacious electric car of the brand. It was released to transport goods where cars with gasoline or diesel engines cannot be driven. Restrictions of this kind may apply in closed warehouses or on the central streets of European cities. Compared to the Bento, it can hold up to 3 m³ of cargo weighing up to 200 kilograms.

The details of the technical plan are still few. There is scant data that the novelties will be equipped with either one battery or a whole set of batteries for 2.3 kilowatt-hours each. Thus, the largest amount of batteries available to them reaches 9.2 kilowatt-hours. This power will allow you to travel on a single charge of 70-80 km.

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