Mobi X or tiny camper with fully equipped kitchen and bathroom

Mobi X or tiny camper with fully equipped kitchen and bathroom

September 3, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

This surprisingly cute six-person travel trailer was introduced by Mobi X. Despite its relatively small size, the novelty can offer a complete kitchen, bathroom and toilet.

Mobi has unveiled a small travel trailer called the Mobi X. At first glance, it looks like most small travel trailers. Its body is made of fiberglass and has a steel frame with single axle support. It weighs 760 kg and is equipped with 16-inch all-terrain tires, giving the Mobi X some off-road capability.

However, Mobi X is not as simple as it sounds. It has both a pull-out front and a fold-out side that has a completely external kitchen with built-in burners, sink. Cupboards with utensils are offered as standard equipment.

Indoor tent and roll-out bathroom with outdoor shower and portable toilet are also standard. The Mobi X is a four-seater full-service camper that can accommodate two people in a trailer and two people in a tent.

The number of berths increases to six with an additional roof top tent. A 270-degree external canopy and many different refrigerators can be purchased for an additional fee. Regardless of the configuration chosen, the Mobi X can receive a water heater and a storage unit for 181.84 liters of water. It is powered by a 105 Ah deep-discharge battery with a 15 A charging system. There is storage space for camping equipment, including a shovel neatly stowed outside.

Trailer price starts at $ 21,260

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