Mitsubishi will teach cars to keep up with the driver

Mitsubishi will teach cars to keep up with the driver

January 29, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese company is working on a system that will assess the risks and warn the driver about the danger if he does not look in the right direction. In addition, the system will work as a “natural navigation”, which will be able to confirm the route without special requests.

As noted by Mitsubishi Electric, the company will use the technology of artificial intelligence Maisart. It uses a front-facing camera and a circular view system, with which it will alert the driver about the approach of vehicles or people to the car. Dangerous objects will be surrounded by a red frame.

In addition, her task included a notice of the route and an indication that the driver, for example, made a turn because he misunderstood the instructions of the navigator. The system will recognize the driver’s face and voice, and notifications will be issued so that the driver has the impression of a natural conversation. For this purpose, use microphones that will recognize the presence of the driver by the presence of sounds in the cabin.

In this case, Mitsubishi notes that the accuracy of sound recognition has been significantly improved. The system will process the speech, extracting statements from it that contain instructions about the route, so that the driver can more accurately pave the path he needs.