Mitsubishi will completely abandon Pajero production

Mitsubishi will completely abandon Pajero production

July 23, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The sale of the car in the Japanese home car market stopped last year. Now the same fate awaits export destinations.

Mitsubishi plans to completely stop production of its legendary Pajero SUV. This was reported by the Nikkei edition. This conclusion can be drawn after reports of the closure of the Pajero Manufacturing plant in Gifu Prefecture. It was it that was the only one that produced SUVs. All cars have been exported since the end of last year.

Mitsubishi assessed the SUV’s sales abroad and came to disappointing conclusions. The main problem is the use of an outdated platform for Mitsubishi Pajero, which makes it extremely difficult to implement new technologies and install modern engines on it. For all the time Mitsubishi Pajero has sold 3.2 million copies – this model stood at the origins of the brand’s successful activities.

Note that the plant in Gifu also produces Outlander and Delica models – their production should be transferred to other enterprises.