Mitsubishi unveils L200 with pull-out kitchen and inflatable tent

Mitsubishi unveils L200 with pull-out kitchen and inflatable tent

November 21, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

The Japanese automaker has unveiled two touring versions of the Mitsubishi L200 pickup. Among other things, the machine can offer an inflatable tent, a shower and a pull-out kitchen.

To showcase the capabilities of the available accessories for its L200 pickup, Mitsubishi unveiled two heavily modified examples of the vehicle that “are designed to show the truck’s capabilities in completely different directions.”

First, there is the L200, ready to “feed you on the hike.” The pull-out kitchen takes up the loading platform. It has a gas stove, a foldable sink, a 12-liter plumbing, a 12-volt electrical outlet and a cutlery drawer. The retail price of all this equipment in Germany is 3,600.46 euros. at the current exchange rate.

The truck that Mitsubishi is showcasing also has a roof rack with space for a tent and a retractable awning.

Other available equipment includes a lockable roll roof for the loading platform for € 1949.58 and a roll bar for € 953.10.

Another modified L200 from Mitsubishi focuses on providing tourists with plenty of room to relax. The Inflatable GT Pick Up Roof Top Tent is priced at € 3,410.79. When not in use, it folds into a rather tiny area, but if needed, it can accommodate a 140cm x 220cm sleeping area on the truck roof and a small separate living space in the cargo platform.

Mitsubishi even offers tourists the option to turn their L200 into an expedition vehicle with features such as a roof top tent, water supply, outdoor shower, 230V cold storage and solar panels. This version of the car even gets an updated chassis to make the truck more durable.

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