Mitsubishi turns new L200 into a camper with fridge and shower

Mitsubishi turns new L200 into a camper with fridge and shower

October 4, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Utility pickup truck made off-road motorhome with built-in tent

Mitsubishi has started selling branded accessories for the new L200. A set of add-ons from the manufacturer will allow you to turn a pickup into a camper with a camping kitchen or an expedition vehicle with a refrigerator and shower, as well as increase cross-country ability by installing a winch and special high-profile tires.

The transformation of a Mitsubishi L200 pickup into a camper begins with the installation of a retractable platform in the body and a cover for the cargo compartment – each option costs 1950 euros. The next step is to install a kitchen module with a Primus-type gas hob, a washbasin with a 12-liter water tank, a cabinet-set, 12 volt sockets and a set of folding chairs and a table. These accessories will cost 3600 euros

A rooftop tent mounted on a “power” roof rack is priced at 3411 euros. The living area is 2200 mm by 1400 mm, so the spaciousness is comparable to a double bed.

You will have to pay separately for a safety “arc” of safety, a winch, an additional unit of diode lighting, an elevated suspension, a portable refrigerator, solar panels and a camping shower. A set of “toothed” 20-inch tires is priced at 2,726 euros. Equipment for the Mitsubishi L200 pickup truck can be purchased both in bulk and separately.

Adapting to expeditions from certified Mitsubishi accessories is expensive: preparing the L200 will cost 10-12 thousand euros, while a basic pickup truck with a two-row cab in Germany costs from 32.7 thousand euros.