Mitsubishi suspected emission scams in Germany

Mitsubishi suspected emission scams in Germany

January 22, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

German prosecutors will conduct a check against the backdrop of reports of a “disconnecting device” installed on some diesel engines.

The Japanese company came under investigation in Germany amid reports that some Mitsubishi models are equipped with a device that displays false emission data. As part of the investigation, German police inspected 10 real estate properties, including in Frankfurt, Hanover and Regensburg.

Among the companies under study is Denso, a supplier of spare parts, a manufacturer of diesel injectors and pumps for Mitsubishi models, who reportedly works with investigators. Three facilities are owned by the Continental AG production team, which will be identified as a witness in the case.

The official statement by the German prosecutor’s office said: “There is a suspicion that the engines are equipped with a so-called shutdown device.” A similar component was discovered on 11 million Volkswagen Group cars in 2014.

The representative of Mitsubishi in Germany confirmed that the company is under investigation, but stressed that Mitsubishi Europe, as an importer, is not involved in the development or production of new cars.