Mitsubishi slightly updated Minicab and Town Box

Mitsubishi slightly updated Minicab and Town Box

July 16, 2019 0 By autotimesnews

Compact models will receive an updated security system e-Assist. Thus, the automatic emergency braking system now comes with two front-facing cameras instead of the usual lidar, which allowed the use of pedestrian recognition technology. The working speeds range has been increased from 5-30 km / h to 5-100 km / h.

An automatic high beam appeared, help technology when you accidentally press the accelerator pedal, which suppresses the output power in case of a driver error, for example, if the pedal is pressed hard during slow backward movement.

When reversing, four ultrasonic sensors are integrated into the rear bumper. If they find an obstacle, the brake system will automatically turn on.

The function of the warning for leaving the lane, which operates at a speed of from 60 to 100 km / h. She checks the markup on the left and right and checks the pattern of the car with the previous traffic data. If it is found that the car inadvertently approaches one of the edges of the lane, a beep will sound and a warning will appear on the dashboard.

When you start the engine, the security system determines the distance to nearby objects, if it is less than 4 meters, a beep will sound.

Some versions will get a help system at the start of the hill, which, after switching from the “P” mode and pressing the accelerator pedal, holds the car for about 2 seconds.

The cost of the updated Mitsubishi Minicab varies from 960 870 to 1 567 080 yen, Town Box – from 1 682 640 to 1 188 840 yen.

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