Mitsubishi showed the updated crossover Eclipse Cross

Mitsubishi showed the updated crossover Eclipse Cross

September 18, 2020 0 By autotimesnews

Mitsubishi Eclipse Cross with a sensational appearance has been around for three years: according to its owners, it’s time to update it. Whether the model will enter the European market next year is not entirely clear.

To keep the world interested in the radically revamped Eclipse Cross, Mitsubishi is publishing a new teaser. This is the first time Mitsubishi has put a newcomer in the spotlight, although rumors of a restyling have been around for a long time. Judging by the image, the updates will mainly affect the front of the SUV.

There are many similarities to the previously unveiled Engelberg Tourer concept, including a large chrome boomerang under the headlights and a flat LED strip for daytime running lights. In the reflection of the car in a kind of glass wall, the front panel can be seen even better: it clearly shows the black area that acts as a grill.

At first glance, little has changed at the back. However, if you look closely at the reflection in the window behind the car, you can see that a lot has changed. The continuous light bar is obsolete, so it will most likely disappear from the “double rear window”. The shape of the lights resembles the shape that Mitsubishi previously used in the e-Volution concept.

The accompanying text puts a lot of emphasis on the introduction of the SUV in North America. Mitsubishi, for example, emphasizes that the refreshed Eclipse Cross is an important highlight in the brand’s previous promise to bring a lot of news to American showrooms. Also, right now people are only talking about the North American debut, which will take place in the first quarter of 2021.